Deputy Head of the DPD KNPI Security Field Urges to Check Documents CV Anugra Alam Abadi

Indonesia,Reportmalut.com-Deputy Chair for Security and Defense of the DPD KNPI Kepsul Rusdiyanto Umagap, urged the Regional Government and Police of the Sula Islands Regency to check the CV document Anugra Alam Abadi.

The insistence is because CV. Anugra Alam Abadi, which will operate in the Buruakol Village area, is currently suspected of not having an Operation Permit and Timber Utilization Permit (IPK

"Apart from not having an Operating Permit and (IPK), the owner of the company CV. Anugra Alam Abadi also has not socialized the Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL)" ). Said Rusdiyanto, Monday, (19/06/2024)

Rusdiyanto suspected that the documents owned by CV. Anugra Illegal Immortal Realm. Because every company that is going to operate in an area must first carry out an EIA socialization to the local community,"

"For this reason, I ask the Regional Government of the Sula Islands Regency and the Police to immediately summon the Director of CV, Anugra Alam Abadi, Robi Liem to be examined, especially company documents,

In addition, Rusdiyanto emphasized to the Kepsul Police, if the company is proven to be operating without a clear license, then sanctions should be given in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. (NH)


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